Welcome to...my little world!

For many years, people who have read some of my pieces, whether it be poetry, or just me running my thoughts on paper; they've always seemed to be moved by the words that I seemed to methodically form together.  It's crazy because honestly, I've been writing since the 6th grade, and I always did it as an escape from everything going on.  Sort of like my own personal therapist, only thing is, my words never spoke back to me...or so I thought.  As I transitioned from my teenage to adult years, i sort of strayed away from writing because I felt that it pulled so much pain out of me. That was the thing that i needed, I just didn't understand it until years later.  I ripped all the pages saturated with my handwriting into pieces because I didn't want to go back to those moments.  What i realize now though, is that all the things that I went through molded me. My situations sharpened my perspective of life itself and knowing that the things that I write sometimes are just rambling to me but can be ever so moving to someone...somewhere. So...that is what this site is dedicated to. Everyone that just wants to read some relatable things, for me to just ramble, or for those moments where I reflect on life and how i see things. Most times I just reflect on the girl that I used to be, my posts are mostly me motivating and encouraging her.  God gave me this gift...and I'm not sure what to do with it...but for now...this is my canvas. Enjoy!